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Thank you so much!! my mom LOVED her cake. you hit the right colors, design and the flavor was unbeatable. it was so beautiful! I think you would give the cake boss (a TLC show) competition.. Thanks again....

– Aida Alanis

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to place my cake order?
For wedding cakes try to book at least 3-6 months in advance., however, it is never too soon to meet with us. For other custom cakes try to order at least 5-7 working days in advance, however, because we are quickly growing, we do book up fast some weeks; so we do suggest booking at least two weeks ahead to guarantee that we can accommodate your order. Quoting your cake design does not equate to an order until a 1/2 down payment is received. We do try to accomodate special circumstances.

Do I have to place my order in person?
In person is always best, but we can discuss your cake by phone or via email.

Can you do any type of cake design?
Yes, we have many photographs on our website as well as Facebook that you can choose from or you can provide us with any photograph that you would like us to repclicate. You are only limited by your imagination---and gravity!;).

What kind of flavors, fillings and frosting/icings do you have?
Please visit our Flavors, Fillings, Frostings page to view all of our offerings. If you do not find the flavor that you were hoping for, simply let us know and we will custom make that flavor for you!

What is fondant?
Fondant is one of many types of icings used to decorate or sculpt pastries and cakes. It can be rolled out like a pie dough and placed over the cake or it can be sculpted in to many different figures. It always provides a beautiful satin finish that is desired by many customers. There are many designs that require fondant in order to get all of the detail work.

Can you made a cake in any color for decorating and icing?
Yes, if you can provide a color swatch we can match your color as close as possible.

What are the shapes of the cakes other than round cakes?
We offer round , square, rectangle, hexagon and flower shaped cakes. We also custom carve our cakes in to any shape desired by our customer: cartoon characters, numbers, purses, and animals etc.

What is the range in prices for wedding cakes?
Pricing is based on the number of servings you are receiving and the complexity of the design.

How far can the cake be delivered?
We deliver and setup within a 50 mile radius of Rockford, Illinois. The delivery charge varies with distance we need to travel to get to the venue of your event.

How do I transport my cake?
If you plan to transport your cake yourself, it must be transported on a flat, smooth surface - auto trunk, auto floor board, or back of SUV. Do not try to hold you cake in a passenger's lap or a back seat. Do not make fast starts or stops or fast, sharp turns. Remember, your cake is a food product and will have problems if mistreated. If transporting your cake yourself, our bakery is not responsible for its safety once it leaves  our doors.

How should I choose the bakery to make my wedding cake?
You need a reliable baker with a proven track record who can provide a variety of samples for you to choose from. The samples  must be tasty and moist, not dry. In addition, the baker must be able to develop a unique design within your budget. We can do all of this for you!

Do I need to place a deposit when ordering a cake?
We do require a 1/2 down deposit at the time of booking for all of our cakes.

Can I make changes to my order?
We ask that all changes are made 1 week before the pickup day of your cake. We ask 2 weeks notice for any changes to wedding cakes.

Do you bake in your location or purchase your cakes.
We scale all of the ingredients, mix the batter, and bake everything at our bakery location as well as fill, frost and decorate. Everything is completely produced on site.

Do I need to refrigerate my cake?
If you are receiving a fondant cake we ask that you do not refrigerate your cake. The fondant will absorb all the moisture in your fridge and condensate when removed. Even though we recommend not refrigerating your fondant cake, be sure it is not placed in a hot place (over 70 degrees) because it could have problems standing up if over two tiers high. If you are receiving a buttercream cake it will keep better in the fridge simply because the butter in the frosting will harden and keeps its shape. All of our fillings and frostings are shelf stable.